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About Us

A Unique Team Behind Your Success


Years ago, we took flight with a single mission: to make an awesome hand grip strengthener at a more reasonable price. But like any great adventure, the first step was just the beginning.

Today, NIYIKOW continues to innovate our family of outdoor products to give customers everywhere a wise choice for priceless adventures.

We strive to achieve our mission through the design and creation of high-end fitness equipment, and workout programs. It is our top priority to help individuals and athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance.

Our Story

We deliver high-quality innovation, and top support expertise.

When you put the right people together in a team, you always get top results. At NIYIKOW, this awesome mix of great people spikes technical innovation, boosts the level of expertise, and guarantees a high quality of service.

Meet our Team

We share the same values which makes our team stronger.

Michael Hall


Sally Zimney

Customer Care Director

Sayer Payne

Product Development Manager


New Collection

A superior grip strength product for resistance training and rehabilitation, provides both positive and negative force on muscles and joints, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing hand muscles.

The Internet’s Favorite Hand Grip Strengthener


“Just really great gear! This is the third hand grip that I have purchased from NIYIKOW.”

Ethan Lucas

“I am going to make this comment as simple as it was to set this up… Buy it!”

Ryan Lynch

“We couldn’t wait to set it up, so it’s in my pocket and we are all enjoying it!”

Francesca Oliver